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The MacBook's is a lot sharper.

Análisis Macbook Air 13'' 2015

Its inch display is a Retina screen with a resolution of by And in case you're wondering: With all those extra pixels, text appears sharper and easier on the eyes , images show more detail and colors are more vibrant. More simply put, everything just looks better on a Retina display. One of the tradeoffs you'll have to make when going with the MacBook is overall processing power. Inside the MacBook is Intel's Core M processor, which is designed to be as energy-efficient as possible and doesn't need fans to keep it cool. For the average person, the speed difference may be noticeable but won't hamper your productivity.

MacBook vs. MacBook Air: What's the difference?

But if you're someone who wants to multitask with apps like Photoshop or iMovie, the sluggishness will be more apparent. If you're so inclined, you can coordinate your gold, rose gold, space grey, or silver MacBook to match your phone, tablet and watch. The color of your computer isn't going to have any impact on its overall performance, but if having a laptop that reflects your affinity for a certain color appeals to you, the MacBook is calling your name.

Apple is proud of the fact the MacBook is crammed full batteries stacked atop one another, filling every possible millimeter of its housing. Thanks to this design, the MacBook's battery should net you roughly 10 hours of web browsing.

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Due to its bigger footprint, the inch MacBook Air has a big enough battery to best the MacBook's battery performance by two hours, with 12 total hours of web browsing. Either device should offer enough juice to get through a long study session or a typical workday on the go.

MacBook Pro (2018) vs MacBook Pro (2017): Display

Then again, those two extra hours could really make a difference for someone who is constantly traveling. Si guardamos pocos archivos y hacemos uso de servicios en la nube como iCloud Drive, Google Drive o Dropbox y no instalamos demasiadas aplicaciones seguramente con Gb tengamos suficiente.

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Si vas a instalar Windows en tu Macbook Air te recomendamos Gb para dedicarle unos Gb al sistema de Microsoft. Memoria Ram Como acabamos de comentar el Macook Air cuenta con solo 4Gb de memoria Ram, algo que nos parece justo pero suficiente.

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Almacenamiento El Macbook Air mantiene los Gb de almacenamiento en el modelo de acceso a gama, pudiendo elegir modelos con Gb o Gb. Precio Estos son los precios para el Macbook Air de , de 11'' y de 13'' pulgadas: Memoria Ram: Si queremos Gb tendremos que elegir el modelo de 1. Es el ordenador q todos queremos tener pero no lo hacemos por la falta de la pantalla retina Interestingly, Apple continues to sell the same configure-to-order option as before, the MacBook Air "Core i7" 2.

There are some important external and internal differences between these models. Additionally, as the models are so similar to each other and earlier MacBook Air notebooks , identification details are particularly worthwhile, too. Like previous MacBook Air notebooks, the "Early " models use a tapered aluminum case design -- 0.

The Inch models weigh 2.

MacBook vs. MacBook Air: What's the difference? - CNET

The Inch models have a Although these displays are relatively high quality, they are not nearly as high resolution as the x resolution provided by the Inch Retina MacBook or the x resolution provided by the Inch Retina Display MacBook Pro systems. Both sizes have a full-size "chiclet-style" backlit keyboard, although the Inch systems have smaller function keys with the power key integrated into the same row to save space, as well as glass "no button" trackpads with "inertial scrolling" support. Both sizes also have built-in stereo speakers, dual side mounted microphones, and a p FaceTime HD webcam.

Both sizes otherwise pack the same connectivity -- However, as diligently hand documented by EveryMac. These models also can be uniquely identified by Serial Number and other identifiers with EveryMac.

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It is not clear if it is possible to differentiate between the custom processor option -- the MacBook Air "Core i7" 2. They appeared to be identical when EveryMac.

If you have recently purchased one of these notebooks with a custom processor, please get in touch to help confirm identifiers. More information about specific identifiers is provided in EveryMac.

Internally, the "Early " MacBook Air models are quite similar to one another. Both sizes originally were powered by a dual core, 14 nm 1. On June 5, , Apple increased the processor to a 1.