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Alternatively, you may want to install macOS on a laptop or PC that you already have lying around. But what about its other statistics? For example, do you know You can then use the following resources to ascertain compatibility:. The file is around 4.

Next head to tonymacx At the time of writing version 7. For macOS Sierra, this is version 9. UniBeast is a tool for installing any legally downloaded version of macOS from the Mac App Store on compatible hardware. It can also be used as a Mac or hackintosh system recovery tool in a pinch. Wondering how to install software from the command line? Got old Windows apps that you simply must run on your Apple computer? Here's how you can check with ease. Wait for the image to be written to the USB drive.

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Give it a name e. That's right hack Alienware hackintosh pic. Assuming it all goes to plan, you should be able to see the installer through to the end at which point your Mac will restart.

Apple–Intel architecture

Restart your machine and hold down the boot device select key probably F12 or F8 , then boot from your USB device as you did last time. At the Clover boot screen, select your installation volume e. There are so many things that could go wrong with this process. You can also try the comments below. Your email address will not be published. Is every step described above reversible? I just wanna know that I can go back to a working Windows laptop if it's unable to make it through this minefield.

I just wanna knowb that I can go back to a working Windows laptop if it proves unable to make it through this minefield. I'm trying to create a bootable disk with Sierra and when I get to the step to select the OS installation the Sierra icon is greyed out and it won't let me select it. I've tried closing and opening again but it still won't let me select and move to the next step.

Did I miss a step somewhere?

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My point We're getting more hardware vendors focusing on Linux. It has always been what the community needed. Our organization in particular true love tulle things for example fairy along the lines of area sizing prom dress thanks to crystal-clear whole. I did try to set up the BIOS the they showed me, but it won't boot maybe i'm using the wrong bootable hackintosh. I have a i5 m, nvidia nvs m with mb of gddr3 ram, 6gb of ddr3 ram, gb hard drive Will it work on this?

You can not install it on the ram. It gets processed in the CPU, the outputs to your devices. Everything in the ram goes away to get ready for the next group of data. If you want a OS to run on the ram, try Puppy Linux. You need a USB drive too. Hey i just tried to install mac ox mavericks on my windows laptop in a virtual box Hi, This is my laptop configuration, I can upgrade my memory upto 16 GB. Do you think I can install OSX on my laptop? Also is it illegal installing Mac on non Mac machine?

You should read the article instead of asking questions in the comment. If it's for work I think you can buy an old iMac , etc. One of the main reasons i want to install mac on my pc is because of the security of viruses will installing the mac system on the pc work the same way as a mac would and not having the problem of viruses and virus scanning programs? Of course. Only the OS matters, Tim. Remember, though, that even Macs can get viruses.

The download size is very small, only MB or so. Sir, can you tell the latest the available configuration for an assembled pc with i5 4th generation to install Hakintosh? Man, this post is some good stuff! I was wondering if there's anyway to split up the 6gb dmg image file onto 2 4. I don't have a dual layer disk laying around.

Thanks for the help in advance! I don't have any experience with Mac OS X on those systems. I am looking at a few laptops dell studio 15, HP envy 14, Lenovo Ideapad Y are any of these hackintosh-able?

How to Disable UEFI Secure Boot in Windows 10

Have you seen any good posts on those forums for the best hardware setups for compatibility? Or any tips how to search for said "best compatible setup" to allow sleep mode, and all other normal functionality? Sorry if that's too magnanimous a question By the way, Multibeast has updated, and the part about selecting Optional Kernel The new options available read quite differently from what Any insight into that at all?

The iBoot disk image must be placed on a disc. Hi, thanks for the detailed description!

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Never mind- I found it I'm not sure, but you should be able to revert to the I would suggest going to Tonymac's forum and see if others have had similar issues. They may have already posted a solution for it over there. However, I'm not sure about the integrated graphics accelerator. That may pose issues.

Again, I would suggest reading the forums to see if anyone has installed on your hardware or similar hardware. If not, post your system specs and inquire if anyone has installed on your system. I would like to know how to install and run OS X Is it a different process from the way it was explained here because of the specs of my computer? I think it should work, but I don't know for certain. I would recommend checking the Hardware Compatibility List. I got a problem here. I keep getting instant reboot when loading the MacOS install disk using the iBoot supported, how do i fix this problem?

It sounds as though you may be using the wrong disk image. I have tried using the iBoot supported disk image and i almost succeed for the installation, but Please help me Hi all, I would like to extend to my thanks for this howto. I am happy to report that I have completed the install and all seems good. I would like to make one suggestion. The howto instructs us to download the DSDT file and you have kindly provided a link. However no mention was made about renaming the file to DSDT.

As such Multibeast fails to install everything properly which borks the installation. It took some time for me to discover this. Regardless If you could edit the howto to reflect this minor but important detail it would likely be of help to other Hackintosh NUBES like myself. Spot on Dan. I've updated the instructions to add that crucial step. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. How to connect to LAN. In network assistant setup expect isp all the options are de-highlighted. Please post the solution.

Thank you. Just finished install snow leopard Until I update with multibeast with legacy audio, that when my onboard audio stop working. You may need to select the proper audio output. Go to the sound preferences and change the output device. Also try different combinations of output jacks. You can try playing a Youtube video or something as you try different jacks, and eventually you should find the right one.

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It seems like a whole lotta trouble, and you miss out on cool. Just buy a Mac. It may be cheaper in the long run you will understand our problem and the time equation, and you will not look like such a Geek. Just thought i would post back, after trying several ways i got it working, but for the fun of it tried E EFI which worked just fine with external drive with out any mods.

I am now running in to the problem that MultiBeast installation is failing and will not finish tried it a couple times already with what you have as options.